Final Entry

Well, it’s all over except the flight home. We are all very tired, which is good as 8 hours on a plane is a long time. Hopefully we will just fall asleep.

For family and friends, see you at home soon. For others, I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and am happy to take donations towards another holiday.

This is us waiting until boarding time.




Last day today.

We don’t fly out until 10:20pm tonight so Ayten has arranged for us to stay in our hotel room until 2:00pm.  This will give us time to pack, repack and repack again.  I have upgraded our baggage limit to 30kg each and we have an allowance of 1 check item each.

We have taken the first 2 suit cases down to reception to be weighed and they came in it at 42kg and 32kg.  We have done some re-arranging and dragged them back down to reception and bingo, 30kg each. Woo Hoo.

Next suitcase goes down for weigh in and we come in under at 26kg.

Sounds good so far, except we still have one bag to go which makes 4 and we have a limit of 3.

That’s why we travel with the Hosking’s.  With 5 of them, 2 being little kids, they can take the extra load for us.  Phew.

4th bag weighs in at 28kg so we are set.  All we have to do is stuff the toiletries somewhere and we are done.

Very calm now, no last minute panic, no repacking at the airport.  Darren and I are just hoping it does not mean Ayten and Sarah think there is time or room for more shopping!


Aussie Burger

Our last night in KL, and Ayten takes us out…..wait for it…  Yeah!

After catching a taxi to one shopping centre for Adam, then the monorail for Chinatown, then the monorail again for another shopping centre, then shopping and shopping and shopping we finally got dinner at 10:00pm.

I could not resist the Aussie Burger on the menu.

I know we do pineapple and beetroot, but vegemite in a burger?

Theme Park Horror

The hotel we are staying in for our last 2 days in KL is part of a big resort including a theme park.  We were given tickets as part of the accommodation package so of course we used them.  The park opened at 10 and we were in line.  It was very nice, reminiscent of Disneyland, a great deal smaller though.  Most rides are based around water activities, like wave pool, slides, lazy river, etc.

We made our way around and the kids went straight for the water slides.  Looks like fun, but not for me.  It’s too scary and I’m too chicken.  There were two slides that hurtle you down towards your doom and three others that twist and turn within snakes.

Adam went on the pirate ship.  I asked him how it was and he said he didn’t even know if it went all the way over as he had his eyes shut.  It went all the way over!  He is braver than I.

Ayten and I managed to manoeuvre ourselves into a double inner tube thingy and went around the lazy river.  Darren helped us in and said that “You normally don’t go against the tide.”  It was crowded and I thought he was just getting us a free spot in the traffic, but no, Darren being Darren then said “Unless there is a water fall!”  and he pushed us under the cold water.  A little while later Darren and Sarah were also in an inner tube and we floated along nicely together, until we got to more spraying water.  “Revenge is a dish best served cold” I thought as I guided them into the water.  Hehehe.

After that fun, we headed over to the wave pool.  Adam disappeared for a little bit as he went off to a different pool believing it to be the wave pool.  I soon found him and we went into the wave pool and waited for the waves.  Next minute, everybody out of the pool as the waves are starting.  Turns out the waves are only available to body boarders, not us.

Sarah was very upset, “How stupid, they should advertise that it’s not available all the time.   Grrrrr.”

Later in the day, Adam, Kyle, Ayten and I were leaving the park.  Darren was staying in with Brianna and Nathan while Sarah was heading off to get them some dinner (or shop, you never know!)  I pointed out to Ayten that the pool we thought was the wave pool was intact the surf simulator, so the body boarders had every right to be there.  I also pointed out that the pool Adam had headed off to early was in fact the wave pool and the waves were going as we were leaving.  Oh well, by that stage I had had enough.

Why had I had enough?  Well this gets back to the title of this page, “Theme Park Horror”  After we had splashed around for a while, the kids wanted back on the slides.  I decided to show Adam how brave I am and go on with him.  Up the stairs I went, inner tube thingy in hand and we sat at the tail end of a snake.  A gentle push and we are off, plunged into darkness, twisting and turning, unable to see and then finally we shoot out of the snake’s mouth.  All in all not too bad.  So we go up again as there are three snake slides to try.  We get to the top, the helper rocks us from side to side and we plunged into darkness again.  Adam had said this one an easier ride.  Little bugger!  360 degrees one way, almost sideways, the a sudden jolt and 360 degrees the other, all in pitch black, then out of the snakes mouth.  Again, not really too bad.

Next Adam wants to go on the big, fast, scary slide.  I don’t want to let hime down, so we line up.  It is a much slower line and I try and convince him that I am going to die of a heart attack as this one is not inside the comfort of a dark snake.  You can see everything except the slide in front of you.  That is what I hate about rides.  When I can’t see the slide or track in front of me, I pick out a spot on the ground were I think we are going to land and get ready for death.

Finally it is out turn.  We put our tube in and Adam climbs in the front.  I somehow manage to get in the back and I can see the assistants laughing at how I am going to fit.  He holds us up until there is enough water pressure behind me to get my backside moving.  Into a small tunnel, 90 degree turn to the left and down.  I was brave enough to have my eyes open for at least a second, then they were shut tight.  Over the first hump, getting ready to die.  Over the second hump, heart attack on it’s way. We reach the bottom with so much momentum that we shoot up the ramp at the end and I can picture myself flying though the air before splatting on the ground.  Gravity wins the battle over momentum and we slide backwards down the ramp.  I am at the back of the tube, laying back to give Adam to give Adam room.  Thud, goes the back of my head and neck into the base of the slide.

I gracefully exit the tube as the assistant at the bottom is waving and laughing to the assistant at the top over how much they enjoyed my near death experience.  Ohh the horror.

“At least you overcame your fear”  Says Adam.

“Pig’s *&^#” I thought.

Here are Adam and Nathan easily negotiating the slide.

Clint Strikes Again

Anyone who followed my blog through the US last year should remember that every morning I would get up and go out to the nearest Starbucks to get coffee for Ayten and I.

On this trip, Starbucks have never really been close enough and as you know we have had ‘Big Hotel Breakfasts’ which usually comes with a bottomless cup of coffee.  Mind you, the last hotel in KL had horrible coffee and Starbucks would have been very welcome.

Anyway, back to the story.  In the US, I had a great deal of problems trying to get Americans to understand my name.  I would say Glenn and usually get Craig, Clint or even the famous Clank in LA.

Tonight we are back in KL and staying at the Pyramid Tower Hotel, which is part of a huge complex of 5 hotels, theme park and of course endless shops 😦

As per normal we (the boys) were all dragged out shopping.  We split up for dinner and then Ayten, Adam and I met again for desert.  I felt like having a coffee and had noticed a Starbucks.  Ahhh, Starbucks on holidays.  Just like old times.

“Hello, one Grande Latte and one Tall Americano please”



“Ok, name?”


She picks up the 2 cups and writes my name down. “Clint”

Also, both coffee’s were Grande, so I (or she) even go the size wrong.

At least to says that Starbucks offer the same service world wide.

Islands In The Stream

It has taken from one end of our holiday to the other and from mainland to an island, but Ayten has finally succeeded in her search for fine food.


What is interesting is listening to the ordering process. If you have not met Ayten, or at least not been around Ayten when she is near someone with an accent, then you have missed a treat. Although she refuses to admit it, Ayten picks up on accents and starts speaking the same however when in a place where English is a second language she also drops the conjunctions.

“Quarter Chicken. No sauce, sauce on side. Mineral water.”




“W A T E R”

Now to be fair, water in Malay is “air” so there is confusion on both sides.

Ayten’s meal has just arrived. Sauce is on top so it has gone back. It has arrived again. “I order garden salad not pasta salad.”

“Yes pasta salad”. And the girl gets the menu to show Ayten what she ordered.

Adam’s mac’n’cheese has arrived. Ayten has noticed one of her favorites on the menu and proceeds to order.

“I have corn?”
“oh, corn. Yes”

Mind you, I am still waiting for mine and I ordered by pointing to the pictures.

Late update from Ayten. “worst meal ever, I am going to email Kenny Rogers!”

I think the hair on the fruit salad killed the mood!

We should have known when to walk away or even run. Ayten has just complained to the manager.

“Very bad food. When cook?”

She has a pain in the tummy already!

Hair Trim, or Lost In Translation

The other day Sarah meet a lady from New Zealand. She seemed nice, on a family holiday like us. As they got to talking the lady said she used to have hair the same length as Sarah’s, which is just longer than should length. She had heard that the salon in the hotel was good and decided to get a trim. Now I obviously don’t know much about hair cuts, but I think what she wanted was maybe an inch off the end at most. She went in to the salon, sat down and asked for a trim. The hairdresser agreed, grabbed her pony tail and ‘snip’ and it was all gone. Probably a foot of more of hair now in the hairdressers hand and not on the ladies head.

Devastated, she left and went to the concierge and said her hair had been wrecked and was there a place she could get it fixed? “Yes” he said and showed her to the salon where all the westerners go. Of course it was the same salon. 🙂